MultiDesk v8.0 released


  • Support scale to fit
  • Support record from this computer
MD5: 18ecafefa50c8838e00d679c4cf870eb
SHA1: 4749f3950725c433c0f90769b0a2619f1ca84d02

MultiDesk v7.4 released


  • Support send CTRL+ALT+DEL
MD5: 1504dd73a05921f66c3969eecd412220
SHA1: 7f072d673ae9b02a09af868698022bc4a375a28f

MultiDesk v7.2 released


  • Support SOCKS proxy

MD5: 0f61d8b761fa1faeb466c03b8175d05a
SHA1: 74c6d7c9175f0fe06906b249699825cfe85d20a2
Enforcer Version
MD5: f0b367bc9f1cc889bfbac667fa3abc9b
SHA1: ac3d83a9d5b3a5a23d9f7f29c4004f44a8fb89da

MultiDesk v6.0 released


  • Support disable prompts for username and password
  • Support start with specified configuration file, e.g. MultiDesk d:\abc.xml
  • Support search for servers, press CTRL+F, F3 search forward, SHIFT + F3 seach backward
  • Changed default configuration file to MultiDesk.multidesk. Convenient to open .multidesk file with MultiDesk in explorer

MD5: 5bd211d083917ab94b7b4ee309ae2578
SHA1: 59e3cd660689f1dcdb351b08be2ae856cd855106
Enforcer Version
MD5: 9d5555dbc05c4c9324632f5c4282dc34
SHA1: 51e9c56bf0185fc8104f19861168df89b5803b54


MultiDesk v5.8 released


  • Support scan IP range to discover servers and import them to MultiDesk

MD5: 6ac4e428de065ffe36079f6358a3ef4e
SHA1: 00e4b893aa13060f05956b1362fb02978e3ea81a
Enforcer Version
MD5: 39578ae2107a871bc81d695da294c702
SHA1: 132c48b225f83df673cd8e9288eab963aed03ce3

MultiDesk v5.6 released


  • Support Start Program on connection (Removed from MSTSC on Windows 10)

MD5: 31a85fad71829a66b90fe228e8436443
SHA1: c758856dee1493ea1c47b7737ecc1a8ce809f256
Enforcer Version
MD5: a17312f881622f6af0876e5f272b0daa
SHA1: e0a018a0223650377da7569f4b3492e4e61973e4

MultiDesk v5.4 released


  • Support Master Password
  • Upgraded compiler to Visual C++ 2015

MD5: fd6424ae4ebe2aaa56ae7967b077eaf3
SHA1: e0013f561baf77b90d1295659f7406cd0cee05c1

Enforcer Version
MD5: b66a611f60ec52cf7d478810ae136ead
SHA1: b27bdc86a0a0800de256f3d40b5bd16498476d54

MultiDesk with Enforcer v5.2

Looking for sales partners 🙂


  • Added server authentication
  • Added Remote Desktop Gateway

MD5: 54a00d0cb8ac229abec5edf60cf640cd
SHA1: 8ceaf5933cb5f93cf4e52eeab0232ac32d3d89fa

MultiDesk with Enforcer v5.0

Introducing new product MultiDeskEnforcer.

MultiDeskEnforcer is a service which ensures connections can only be established with correct shared secret.

With MultiDeskEnforcer, hacker cannot RDP to your server even he got your password.

MD5: 4944e16d40031e4cdf397f94079ca6bf
SHA1: bab1e6463135e7c60f681dd1387d38af1db12308

MultiDesk 4.0


  • Added support to multiple monitors
  • Minor improvements
  • Available to donators only
  • Thanks to: donators

MD5: 4a006f2ed6259d3a587caa7b0c2c4341
SHA1: 1c50a3cfcab824a775574d4468867db9c9019bd9