MultiDesk 4.0


  • Added support to multiple monitors
  • Minor improvements
  • Available to donators only
  • Thanks to: donators

MD5: 4a006f2ed6259d3a587caa7b0c2c4341
SHA1: 1c50a3cfcab824a775574d4468867db9c9019bd9

MultiDesk v3.16 released


  • Save important changes immediately
  • Fixed configuration file emptied while shutdown system
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Thanks to: many people

MD5: a42cf10cc416c703b08501686562d797
SHA1: d92680f3e6ec6048e634439ce441d09fb4d947fe

MultiDesk v3.14 released


  • Middle click on title bar to switch to “Servers”
  • Added a description field for server properties
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Thanks to: Keith Fowler, drag0n, Ing. Radek Andrs, sawyer butterfield, 老唯

MD5: 06a174faf3e4e01d78faed8f0d8e6dbc
SHA1: 8d5735f872166990800cc23a9220b8488dd21d53

MultiDesk v3.0 released


  •   Double click server will switch to an existing connection
  •   Switch to “Servers” tab from system menu
  •   Connect with MSTSC
  •   Fixed a crash bug on Windows 8 x64
  •   Thanks to: Glen Parker, ttl (小驴)

MD5: 0fe08f76331af3cfb96076abd398952b
SHA1: 32baebaff0f91c508150f42356271c9ab41c692c

MultiDesk v2.8 released


  • Double click tab to connect if disconnected, switch to full screen if connected
  • Fixed a minor bug
  • Upgraded compiler to Visual C++ 2012
  • Thanks to: 老唯, CleverWang, MBV


MultiDesk v2.6 released


  •  Support click middle mouse button to close tab
  • Support redirect drives that I plug in later
  • Add feature “Connect as different username” while SHIFT key pressed

MultiDesk v2.4.4.170 released


  •   Include MultiDesk 64-bit version to support Terminal Services Easy Print
  •   Thanks to: Simon Bureau